“I was first introduced to Rob Jones (The Swing Doctor) at a golf day where as usual I was amongst the also rans. Rob suggested a few areas of my swing he could tweak with positive results. Half a dozen lessons later I have won my first golf day and could not be more delighted. In fact he is now teaching my children who love their lessons and are coming on leaps and bounds. I would strongly recommend Rob at both beginner and experienced golfers alike.” Adam Hesse


“I have been playing golf (or trying to) for a number of years and met Rob at a golf day. Since our meeting I have been having lessons with Rob and have seen my game improve immeasurably; I even won a golf day recently!! His simple and effective way of improving your swing makes a huge difference and for me it means an extra 50 yards and in just a few lessons and lots of practice I am confident of using my driver off the 1st tee..thanks for everything Rob.” Charles Hesse


“I first met Rob at a Pro-Am two years ago and decided to take up his offer of some lessons to help improve my struggling game. After some hard work putting into practise his SIMPLE approach to coaching he has put a smile back on my face and improved my swing and short game considerably, evidenced by my lower handicap. I’ve even won a few trophies! I would recommend a lesson with Rob; he makes the game easily understandable and doesn’t over complicate the basics – he truly is the swing doctor! Mark Eshelby”




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