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Oct 10

Warm Up Drills From Golf Lessons Surrey – Drill 1

Golf Lessons Surrey

Drill 1 Swing two golf clubs together…. Adopt your normal Set-Up. Hold two golf clubs hovering above the ground, without the ball. Make some backswings with follow-throughs – just enough to feel the weight of the two clubs. Allow your body to rotate itself in a flowing movement. Continue doing this allowing your muscles to …

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Oct 01

Golf Clubs and Equipment Continued – SHAFTS – How They Work and Why It’s Crucial To Get The Right Flex

SHAFTS – How they work and why it’s crucial to get the right flex These also come in a variety of designs – steel and graphite being the most common, but each with various different flexes. Probably 99% of clubs now come with graphite shafts with improved flexibility and torque (The ‘twist’ factor). A lower …

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