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Jul 15

My Betting Tips For The Open Championship

Yes it’s that time of year again folks, Mid July so its OPEN time!! With the heatwave upon us, meaning those fairways at Muirfield will be hard and running like mad bringing a tough test to those golfers. Here are my 3 tips for this years Open, let’s see if The Swing Doctor can make …

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Jul 09

My Favourite Golf Holes In Surrey

Here is a list of some of my favourite golf holes in Surrey, they may not be the most challenging but what I like as my most desired 18 holes…   1. Camberley Heath   …. Par 4 2. Camberley Heath   …. Par 3 3. Camberley Heath   …. Par 5 4. Hindhead   …

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Jul 08

Putting…..Distance and Direction

Short Putts = DIRECTION is more important than Distance Long Putts = DISTANCE is more important than Direction When working on your putts especially from short range work more on making sure your PUTTER HEAD works back & forth along your Intended target line ensuring your DIRECTION is your key focus as you are aiming …

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Jul 01

Learn From Where Your Divots Point

You can learn a lot about your swing and game from your divots. Next time you are either on the practise ground or course, after you’ve taken a shot stand back and look at the direction your divot is facing and this will help you realise the path your club is taking through impact creating …

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Jun 26

Grip Pressure – The Key To Distance and Control

The pressure in which you GRIP your club is vital to the club performance in gaining not only control of your flight but also the distance you can achieve too. Most golfers will GRIP the club far to tightly which will then not allow the natural weight of the clubhead to swing freely, causing you …

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May 09

Use Your Sternum To Strike The Golf Ball Better

Are you looking for a more consistent ball striking? If YES then read on plus visit my Hints and Tips page and watch a short video on “Better Ball Striking” One of the most common mistakes I see golfers do is to lean back trying to hit the ball up into the air and attempting to …

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May 01

Why Should You Choose To Take Golf Lessons In Surrey?

GOLF – The best game in the world that can also be the most frustrating game in the world too… But that’s what makes GOLF such a challenge as no two days are the same…. LESSONS – Make sure when having LESSONS you walk away fully understanding not only how your faults occur but also …

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Apr 15

Masters 2013 – Play-Off Victory For Adam Scott

WOW What a finish to this years MASTERS, with Adam Scott winning his first Green Jacket plus the first winner to come from Australia, after coming so close to winning his first Major in last years OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP he finally managed to hold his nerve by holing two fabulous putts one on the 72nd Hole …

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Apr 09

The US Masters 2013 – Only 2 Days To Go!!

Masters Golf Tip:- Greens in Regulation…. Many of the top pro’s tactics for the Masters is to hit as many greens in regulation during their 4 rounds as possible!! What is ‘regulation’ many of you may ask… Par 3 To hit the green with 1 shot from the Tee Par 4 To hit the green in …

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