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Oct 23

Golf Lessons – The Ladder Drill

As promised my fellow golfers’ another Putting Drill to help you shoot those lower scores. Well I hope you’ve been practising The Clockwork drill?? The ladder drill helps not only the importance of keeping the putter head moving back & forth along the chosen target line but also distance control. You need 6 balls and …

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Jul 03

Record Your Putting Score To See Where You Need To Improve

Do you take note of how many PUTTS you have during your round??? It could be the key to lowering your handicap & scores… From now on I want you to note down on each hole how many PUTTS you have on each hole to monitor the amount of PUTTS taken in each round you …

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Apr 04

Playing Golf In The Wind

I see it very often with many golfers that playing golf in the wind as tough!! But don’t let that be the case and use it as your friend… When playing with a side wind across a hole either from right-to-left or left-to-right don’t try and play against it use that side wind to help …

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