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Oct 03

Clubs and Equipment Continued – Putters – Getting The Right Weight

This is the last of my guide to golf equipment, next up will be a set of free Warm Up Drills! There are so many variations in shapes, sizes, and weights of putter. So what should you be looking for? Your personal preference will dictate the look feel and weight of putter choice. When putting …

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Oct 02

Golf Clubs and Equipment Continued – Golf Balls – Choosing The Ball That Is Right For Your Game

Do not use old golf balls that are cut, damaged, or dirty. All these imperfections will change the balls flight, and reduce your consistency. There are 3 main types of ball that on the market: 1. The 2-piece Ball (value pack ball). This is a much harder and durable ball suitable for the higher handicap golfer …

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Oct 01

Golf Clubs and Equipment Continued – SHAFTS – How They Work and Why It’s Crucial To Get The Right Flex

SHAFTS – How they work and why it’s crucial to get the right flex These also come in a variety of designs – steel and graphite being the most common, but each with various different flexes. Probably 99% of clubs now come with graphite shafts with improved flexibility and torque (The ‘twist’ factor). A lower …

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