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Jun 04

How To Chip Using A Rescue Club

The next time your out on the fairways in Surrey, I want you to try using your Rescue club around the greens and watch how your consistency improves and scores start to tumble… So instead of trying to use the 60 degree wedge and using your wrists to flick the ball high into the air …

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May 16

How To Shoot In The 80′s

For those golfers who shoot in the 90′s and 100′s, follow my advice below and watch my short video clips here. I shall ask you a question:- What percentage of your practise time do you devote to your SHORT game?? Answer: I expect if your being honest its in single figures… That is the main …

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May 01

Why Should You Choose To Take Golf Lessons In Surrey?

GOLF – The best game in the world that can also be the most frustrating game in the world too… But that’s what makes GOLF such a challenge as no two days are the same…. LESSONS – Make sure when having LESSONS you walk away fully understanding not only how your faults occur but also …

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Apr 24

Wednesday Wedge Tip – Keep Those Arms Moving

Very quick Wednesday Wedge Tip for you today here on Golf Lessons Surrey… When your chipping around the edges of the greens make sure you keep your ARMS moving back and most importantly through…. One of the reasons we can find ourselves struggling around the greens is we will take our arms back but when …

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Apr 23

Having Tree Trouble? Just Get It Back In The Fairway

Normally we find ourselves in the trees walking our dogs but hopefully not when playing the game of golf….. But if you find yourselves visiting the trees to look for your golf ball, then the only thing to be thinking of is getting the ball back to the fairway without trying to play a heroic …

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Apr 11

Masters 2013 – The Battle For The Green Jacket Starts Today!

Yes the battle for the Green Jacket starts today, but  WHO IS YOUR MONEY ON?? As I expressed on Monday here are my 3 Major tips 1. Tiger Woods 2. Justin Rose 3. Charl Schwartzel If your looking for a good outside bet then the american – Matt Kutcher   THE PAR 3 TOURNAMENT.. Yesterday …

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Apr 04

Playing Golf In The Wind

I see it very often with many golfers that playing golf in the wind as tough!! But don’t let that be the case and use it as your friend… When playing with a side wind across a hole either from right-to-left or left-to-right don’t try and play against it use that side wind to help …

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Mar 01

Are The Golf Clubs You’re Using Right For You?

Question…Do you play with the right golf clubs for you?? Answer… Over 50% of golfers use clubs not suited to them!! I see it very often when I’m teaching my pupils, that they are using golf clubs that are not suited to them, there are many things to bear in mind when choosing clubs as …

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Feb 27

Make Sure You Hold The Golf Club, Not Grip It!

Even though in the world of golf the way we hold the club is commonly known as THE GRIP, but when we associate the word GRIP we think of holding onto something very tightly, this must not be the case when holding the golf club. If we find ourselves griping the golf club to tightly …

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Jan 21

Align Yourself Straight Down The Middle

Good morning Golfers’ hope you’ve been working hard down the driving range this weekend? Getting your games ready for the forthcoming season… ALIGNMENT! I want to just touch on the subject of Alignment as I feel this is an area I see many golfers get wrong.. What I see many players do is get their …

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