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Jul 31

Why Should I Take Golf Lessons?

Here at my golf school, Golf Lessons Surrey, its a question quite often asked to me, do you think I can Improve my game by having golf lessons as I feel I’m not good enough to have them?? Well the answer is certainly YES!! The most Important thing to remember when having golf lessons to …

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Jul 08

Putting…..Distance and Direction

Short Putts = DIRECTION is more important than Distance Long Putts = DISTANCE is more important than Direction When working on your putts especially from short range work more on making sure your PUTTER HEAD works back & forth along your Intended target line ensuring your DIRECTION is your key focus as you are aiming …

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Jul 01

Learn From Where Your Divots Point

You can learn a lot about your swing and game from your divots. Next time you are either on the practise ground or course, after you’ve taken a shot stand back and look at the direction your divot is facing and this will help you realise the path your club is taking through impact creating …

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Jun 21

How To Use Your 3-Wood To Chip

If you managed to stay up late last Sunday evening to see Justin Rose lift the US OPEN trophy you would have also seen him using his 3-wood to chip from just off the back of the 18th green.. Yes that’s right your eyes were not deceiving you!! He used his 3-WOOD! How? I hear …

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May 22

Where To Play Golf In Surrey

With well over 100 courses to play in Surrey there are some well hidden gems out there, The Addington, Camberley Heath & West Hill to name a few are among the best courses in the country let alone the county, so to help you decide where you wish to play your next game within Surrey …

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May 01

Why Should You Choose To Take Golf Lessons In Surrey?

GOLF – The best game in the world that can also be the most frustrating game in the world too… But that’s what makes GOLF such a challenge as no two days are the same…. LESSONS – Make sure when having LESSONS you walk away fully understanding not only how your faults occur but also …

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Apr 24

Wednesday Wedge Tip – Keep Those Arms Moving

Very quick Wednesday Wedge Tip for you today here on Golf Lessons Surrey… When your chipping around the edges of the greens make sure you keep your ARMS moving back and most importantly through…. One of the reasons we can find ourselves struggling around the greens is we will take our arms back but when …

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Apr 08


With only 3 days remaining till the start of the first MAJOR of the year The Masters from the beautiful Augusta course, I thought I’d give you some of my predictions… 1. Tiger Woods – After great early season form and regaining ┬áthe NO 1 spot back from Rory McIlroy he certainly has to be …

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Apr 04

Playing Golf In The Wind

I see it very often with many golfers that playing golf in the wind as tough!! But don’t let that be the case and use it as your friend… When playing with a side wind across a hole either from right-to-left or left-to-right don’t try and play against it use that side wind to help …

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Mar 05

Apply Top Spin To Hole More Putts

The key to holing more putts is to create a better spin on your golf ball for a true roll leading to more holed putts…. To help create a better TOP SPIN ROLL the next time you practise your putting, place the ball a little nearer to your left foot, this will help you to …

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