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Dec 04

Do You Know What’s In Your Golf Bag?

Justin Rose recently in the final tournament of The European Tour in Dubai shot an amazing 10 under 62 pushing the world number 1 Rory Mcllroy to have to finish with 5 straight birdies to claim the title and Number 1 player on tour…. But the question I ask to you golfers, “Do you know …

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Nov 30

How To Play When The Ball Is Above and Below Your Feet

You will notice that when playing your fairway shots the ball mainly seems to be either above or below your feet… The most important things to remember are the following Above your feet:- 1. Straighten up your posture ( spine angle) 2. Due to your new spine angle you will swing the club more around …

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Nov 27

Winter Golf – Preferred Lies

Just a small note from your Swing Doctor on the term “Preferred Lies” During these Autumn & Winter months if you ball lands on the closely mown area’s I.e The Fairway, then you are allowed to what is called PICK, CLEAN AND PLACE, which will give you a preferred lie. So when you’ve hit that …

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Nov 26


Welcome to another swing doctor’s blog.. Today I’m writing about getting your game and equipment into shape over the coming winter months ready for the 2013 golf season… Equipment Check… This is now the perfect time to look over your equipment to see if any running repairs need to be carried out, below are a …

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Nov 08

Shafts Are Your Engines

I bet many of you golfers out there didn’t realise that the shafts in your clubs made such a huge difference to your ability for DISTANCE, DIRECTION and CONSISTANCY!! Make sure the shafts your playing with are correct for you, It does’nt just stop at the flex of the shaft Ie. Stiff or Regular? the following …

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Nov 06

How To Get Your Ball Out Of A Plugged Lie

Not only is it bad enough to realise that your ball has gone into the BUNKER but then to see that it has PLUGGED itself in the sand AHH!! I hear you cry but no more, with my useful tip below you’ll be smiling to see that ball come out in 1 shot, instead of lighting up …

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Oct 29

The Golf Handicap System

One of the characteristic features of the game of golf is the handicapping system. A handicap allows players of all levels of golfing ability to compete against each other equally and, consequently, is essential to the popularity and prosperity of the game. In amateur golf, the majority of competitions cater for players who have a …

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Oct 22


As the evenings are drawing in and the weather is starting to get cooler make sure your game is prepared for ‘WINTER GOLF’  WATERPROOF’S A good set of waterproof’s is essential to keeping dry and warm, I recommend ‘GORTEX’ material it’s a very lightweight fabric with excellent breathability to help you stay dry and warm …

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Oct 22


Golf Shafts… Your golf shafts are the engines to your game! Do you know that fact?? What Flex is your your Irons? What kick point is in your Shafts? What weight are your iron Shafts? What flex is in your Driver? Are many Grams of weight in your Driver? What is your swing speed? Fast? …

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Oct 18


I refer in my teaching that your SET-UP to the ball is like the foundations to your house. Before you can build the brick walls/swing the club you need a solid foundation/set-up to build/swing from.. If you build a weak foundation when building a house then cracks will start to form in years to come …

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