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Dec 04

Do You Know What’s In Your Golf Bag?

Justin Rose recently in the final tournament of The European Tour in Dubai shot an amazing 10 under 62 pushing the world number 1 Rory Mcllroy to have to finish with 5 straight birdies to claim the title and Number 1 player on tour…. But the question I ask to you golfers, “Do you know …

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Nov 26


Welcome to another swing doctor’s blog.. Today I’m writing about getting your game and equipment into shape over the coming winter months ready for the 2013 golf season… Equipment Check… This is now the perfect time to look over your equipment to see if any running repairs need to be carried out, below are a …

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Nov 08

Shafts Are Your Engines

I bet many of you golfers out there didn’t realise that the shafts in your clubs made such a huge difference to your ability for DISTANCE, DIRECTION and CONSISTANCY!! Make sure the shafts your playing with are correct for you, It does’nt just stop at the flex of the shaft Ie. Stiff or Regular? the following …

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Oct 23

Practicing off the course

I carried out a survey recently and discovered for myself that golfers do very little thinking or practicing at home or away from the course. Yet there is so much you can do… For example practicing by looking at yourself in a full-length mirror to check that you are completing the move that I’ve laid …

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Oct 18


I refer in my teaching that your SET-UP to the ball is like the foundations to your house. Before you can build the brick walls/swing the club you need a solid foundation/set-up to build/swing from.. If you build a weak foundation when building a house then cracks will start to form in years to come …

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Oct 15


Golf Lesson's Surrey

When you make your way to the range next time, go there with a purpose to improve one area of your game at a time, whether that be your tee shots, iron play, chipping or putting, simply what you practice you are permanently training your muscles to react in that way, so getting to understand your swing/game goes a long …

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