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Nov 06

How To Get Your Ball Out Of A Plugged Lie

Not only is it bad enough to realise that your ball has gone into the BUNKER but then to see that it has PLUGGED itself in the sand AHH!! I hear you cry but no more, with my useful tip below you’ll be smiling to see that ball come out in 1 shot, instead of lighting up …

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Oct 29

The Golf Handicap System

One of the characteristic features of the game of golf is the handicapping system. A handicap allows players of all levels of golfing ability to compete against each other equally and, consequently, is essential to the popularity and prosperity of the game. In amateur golf, the majority of competitions cater for players who have a …

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Oct 25

Gearing Up For Winter – Choosing Waterproofs

Yes Its that time of year again golfers when waterproofs become your formal wear when out on those soggy fairways.. I don’t know about you but this is my favourite time of year to play, the greens are holding which means you can be aggressive when shooting for those pins, the colours of the trees and …

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Oct 03

Clubs and Equipment Continued – Putters – Getting The Right Weight

This is the last of my guide to golf equipment, next up will be a set of free Warm Up Drills! There are so many variations in shapes, sizes, and weights of putter. So what should you be looking for? Your personal preference will dictate the look feel and weight of putter choice. When putting …

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Oct 02

Golf Clubs and Equipment Continued – Golf Balls – Choosing The Ball That Is Right For Your Game

Do not use old golf balls that are cut, damaged, or dirty. All these imperfections will change the balls flight, and reduce your consistency. There are 3 main types of ball that on the market: 1. The 2-piece Ball (value pack ball). This is a much harder and durable ball suitable for the higher handicap golfer …

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