Different Types Of Golf Lesson Packages

All lessons start with a FREE 1/2 hour consultation lesson to establish where your game stands and how we can look to acheive the desirsed results to take your game to a new exciting level.. “Your Prescription to better golf” the Swing Doctor..

Individual Lesson – 45 mins

These lessons are at a time & day suitable to you, tailored to suit your swing/game requirements, your first lesson will be a FREE ½ hour consoltation to talk through & look through your game on how we can tailor the tuition to help your golf in a simple to understand method making you feel excited about taking your golf to a new level…


Shared Lessons – 60 mins

As with the Individual lesson we go into detail to make sure you fully understand how your swing is working now and how to make the simple adjustments of Improvement taking it to a new excited level..


Short-game lesson – 45 mins

45 mins – These lessons cover the scoring department of golf, CHIPPING, PITCHING, PUTTING & BUNKER PLAY, Its amazing how many shots you can save by making my simple adjustments to help you score better and who knows even start to knock shots of your golf handicap, I would recommend at least 2 of these lessons so we cover the above areas in good detail..


Video with Analysis- 45 mins

Using the latest Video camera & technology we go into real fine detail on your swing, drawing all the necessary plane lines, weight transfer and head movements etc.. to really makes those adjustments to take your game to an exceptional level, these lessons would be Ideal for the serious golfer looking to get their game into single figure handicaps or to a Professional level..


Playing Lessons – 9 or 18 Holes

Here we take your game to the course to look at your course management on how to think and play the right shots including the correct club selection, I see to many golfers’ playing the wrong shots in the wrong places, so let me guide you round thinking correctly to help you save who knows up to 5 to 10 shots!!…


Other lessons offered


Beginners Packages            Corporate days         Learn ‘Golf in a Day’


Children ½ hr Lessons       Tailored Packages     Online Tuition


All Lessons offered above can be bought in a voucher form for that someone special..


Please contact myself to discuss through any of the lessons offered and regards my pricing structure which shall be based on the golfers’ requirements, I look forward to helping your game real soon… ‘Don’t delay book today’