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Jul 31

Why Should I Take Golf Lessons?

Here at my golf school, Golf Lessons Surrey, its a question quite often asked to me, do you think I can Improve my game by having golf lessons as I feel I’m not good enough to have them?? Well the answer is certainly YES!! The most Important thing to remember when having golf lessons to …

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Jul 11

Beginner Golf Lessons In Surrey

If you are thinking about taking up this wonderful game and live in Surrey, then come along to see myself The Swing Doctor to help to get off on the right start. I see to many amateurs who have tried to teach themselves and end up getting into very bad habits which ends up taking …

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May 01

Why Should You Choose To Take Golf Lessons In Surrey?

GOLF – The best game in the world that can also be the most frustrating game in the world too… But that’s what makes GOLF such a challenge as no two days are the same…. LESSONS – Make sure when having LESSONS you walk away fully understanding not only how your faults occur but also …

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Apr 29

Are You Taking Golf Lessons In Surrey?

Hi golfers, I hope you’re out striding those fairways of Surrey in this beautiful sunshine?, I’ve always enjoyed many of the courses within the Surrey area, hence why I decided to base my golf instruction in this wonderful county…   Question:- Why have golf lessons in Surrey?   Answer :- You will certainly improve your …

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