Jul 09

My Favourite Golf Holes In Surrey

Here is a list of some of my favourite golf holes in Surrey, they may not be the most challenging but what I like as my most desired 18 holes…


1. Camberley Heath   …. Par 4

2. Camberley Heath   …. Par 3

3. Camberley Heath   …. Par 5

4. Hindhead               …. Par 5

5. Worplesdon           …. Par 4

6. Queenwood           …. Par 3

7. Wentworth            …. Par 4

8. Camberley Heath  …. Par 3

9. Pyrford                   …. Par 5


10. Sunningdale Old   … Par 4

11. Wentworth           … Par 4

12. Wentworth           … Par 5

13. Camberley Heath  .. Par 5

14. Wentworth          …. Par 3

15. Worplesdon        ….  Par 4

16. Queenwood        …. Par 4

17. Wentworth         …. Par 5

18. Wentworth         …. Par 5


This is my dream 18 holes of golf in Surrey, let me know your best 18 holes of golf in Surrey.

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Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor

Jul 08

Putting…..Distance and Direction

Short Putts = DIRECTION is more important than Distance

Long Putts = DISTANCE is more important than Direction

When working on your putts especially from short range work more on making sure your PUTTER HEAD works back & forth along your Intended target line ensuring your DIRECTION is your key focus as you are aiming to get the ball within the four & half Inch hole.

Now the key to consistent Putting which leads to lower scores in to work hard on The Putting Green at Long range Putts with the focus at getting your PUTTS to finish within a Dustbin Lid distance from the hole, I’d rather see 10 Practise Putts finish within this range rather than 2 in the hole and the rest outside the Dustbin range distance …. So on your Longer PUTTS work more on creating consistent DISTANCE.

So to summarise DIRECTION on SHORT PUTTS & DISTANCE on the LONGER one’s is the key to consistent PUTTING leading to lowering your scores plus Handicap…


The Swing Doctor.

Jul 03

Record Your Putting Score To See Where You Need To Improve

Do you take note of how many PUTTS you have during your round???

It could be the key to lowering your handicap & scores…

From now on I want you to note down on each hole how many PUTTS you have on each hole to monitor the amount of PUTTS taken in each round you play.

On average 50% of your game is down to your PUTTING! Did you know that??

So I ask a question “What percentage of your practise time do you devote to your PUTTING??” I guarantee you answer is “Not very much”!!

If you are finding your taking 36 PUTTS or more, you NEED TO PRACTISE!! Then I guarantee your handicap & scores will start to reduce.

To access some of my putting tips, take a look at this video here

You can also see more of my golf tips here

Jul 01

Learn From Where Your Divots Point

You can learn a lot about your swing and game from your divots.

Next time you are either on the practise ground or course, after you’ve taken a shot stand back and look at the direction your divot is facing and this will help you realise the path your club is taking through impact creating the spin your putting onto your ball.

Most amateurs I teach have a divot facing to far left of their target line resulting in a slice spin and losing the ball to far to the right, as a consequence they try to swing further to the left to stop the ball going so far right but unfortunately this creates even more spin and losing the ball even further right.

So to help improve this, imagine swinging to the right of target getting your divots to face right of target line, this will help you to square the clubface up at impact resulting in straighter shots plus extra distance.

So don’t ignore your divots, learn from them to help Improve your golf.



The Swing




Jun 26

Grip Pressure – The Key To Distance and Control

The pressure in which you GRIP your club is vital to the club performance in gaining not only control of your flight but also the distance you can achieve too.

Most golfers will GRIP the club far to tightly which will then not allow the natural weight of the clubhead to swing freely, causing you to use your body to heave the club through impact rather than to flow through in a flex fashion.

The clubhead has a nice amount of weight in it to create clubhead acceleration,  which in turn helps to create good distance on your shots, but if your’re gripping it to death then you are drawing the weight out of the clubhead and causing far to much tension in your hands and forearm muscles, this will also not allow your wrists to work freely causing a lack of release which again helps for direction and distance!!

So simply HOLD your club DON’T GRIP it!! Imagine your holding a tube of toothpaste with the top off and not squeezing it!!

See more of my hints and tips here

Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor


Jun 21

How To Use Your 3-Wood To Chip

If you managed to stay up late last Sunday evening to see Justin Rose lift the US OPEN trophy you would have also seen him using his 3-wood to chip from just off the back of the 18th green..

Yes that’s right your eyes were not deceiving you!! He used his 3-WOOD! How? I hear you ask…

Well the reason why he did was simply because he had firstly I nice amount of green to work with plus just a little amount of fluffy rough to go over and because of the nervous situation he was in he felt by using the wide sole on his 3 -Wood there was less chance of him fluffing the shot and leaving it well short of the hole.

By using the wide sole to brush beautifully through the rough and the loft of the 3-wood to run the ball to the edge of the hole to tap it in for a par 4 to clinch his first major.

Simply hold your 3-Wood at the bottom of the grip in the same way as you hold your PUTTER, then create a narrow stance and work the club in a pendulum motion as you would with your PUTTER therefore taking out any body motion to create maximum control and feel for distance.

So to take you to your next major club tournament win, chip like Justin Rose with your 3-wood to lower your scores.

Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor…

Jun 20

My Golf Day at Effingham Golf Club

As promised a report back from my Golf Day played at the wonderful Effingham Golf club in Surrey, Effingham has been used as an Open Qualifying course, the rough was up high and the greens running nice and true…. so there was no excuses for me to shoot a good score.

Well I managed to shoot a 67 ( 4 under par)… 5 birdie’s & 1 bogey,  to which was good enough to win the scratch prize of lowest score shot.

The key to shooting a good score was down to a good steady short game, I’d been practising this area of my game extremely hard, the top golf professional normally devotes 75% of their practise time to PUTTING, CHIPPING & BUNKER PLAY….

So how much do you practise these area’s because most amateurs NEVER do, its only when they are on the golf course do they come across these shots and wonder why they shoot high scores because their short game is too rusty…

So the key to shooting lower scores is SIMPLE!! PRACTISE YOUR SHORT GAME MORE REGULARLY.

So hope to see your putter, wedges and sand iron in your hands more often.

Follow my blog on Friday on how to use your 3-wood around the greens to win like Justin Rose.

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Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor


Jun 13

My Tips For The US Open

Here at my US OPEN Predictions for this year :-

1. The world No.1 Tiger Woods

2. Justin Rose – My English Hopeful

3. After winning in 2010 at Pebble Beach I feel Graeme McDowell is a great each way bet after winning The World Matchplay only a month ago.

The US OPEN is being played at Merion GC last used some 30 years ago when the Australian David Graham won, playing just shy of 7000 yards its one of the shortest courses used for a major, but with the US committee hot on deep rough it will be interesting to see these great players plan their way around, I feel there will be a lot of Irons hit off the tee’s…

I’m playing at Effingham Golf Club, tomorrow in a Golf Day so I shall report in on how I played and any tips I come across.

Effingham is between Guildford and Dorking, used recently for OPEN Qualifying, its one of Surrey’s finest with rolling hills and on a clear day some spectacular views across London..

Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor

Jun 11

Are You Using The Correct Shafts To Suit Your Swing Speed?

Question- Are you playing with the correct shafts?

Answer- 50% of Golfers use the incorrect shafts

The shaft is your engine that not only helps to create distance in your shots but also did you know helps to shape your shots and the height you get too.

So in order to create more consistency in your game, check your shaft flexes!! If you swing the club fast then you’ll need a STIFF FLEX with generally a HIGH KICK point too, the kick point controls the height you hit the ball, most golfers use a low kick point which will generally hit the ball to high.

So you can see the importance of using the correct SHAFTS.

Come and have a FREE assessment with myself and I will check not only where I can help you play better golf and check your using the correct SHAFTS.

Contact me HERE for you free assessment.


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor

Jun 05

How To Create The Perfect Putting Posture

Keeping a well balanced POSTURE during your putting stroke is vital to create a good consistent stroke that will lead to more putts holed, now I’m sure you all wish for that..

When taking your Putting POSTURE please get yourself into a comfortable position, the man reason for this is putting is all about FEEL, so its important to be comfortable over the ball. Don’t stand too tall that your arms become to wooden, nor be to crouched over it either otherwise this will lead to the wrists playing to much of a part resulting in flicking which can create poor distance control.

Create a POSTURE where your arms hang in a relaxed fashion, eyes directly over the ball and your stance about shoulder width apart. Now when you go to PUTT make sure your head stays nice and still through-out your stroke in order to keep the PUTTER FACE square to the line at all times. I see it so often with golfers that during the stroke especially when going through the impact area where your head will look to the hole and rise in anxiousness to see whether you’ve holed the PUTT this will result in more missed Putts.

So get into a relaxed POSTURE, keep your HEAD still through-out your stroke to create more consistency and more HOLED putts.

Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor

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