Nov 27

Winter Golf – Preferred Lies

Just a small note from your Swing Doctor on the term “Preferred Lies”

During these Autumn & Winter months if you ball lands on the closely mown area’s I.e The Fairway, then you are allowed to what is called PICK, CLEAN AND PLACE, which will give you a preferred lie.

So when you’ve hit that great drive down the middle of the fairway (obviously after your golf lesson with the swing doc), you can mark your ball using a tee peg, lift it, clean it, then place back down on the fairway within 6 inches of its original spot as long as its no nearer the hole.

It’s important to take advantage of this rule, mainly because your ball will pick up a lot more mud on it and this will greatly effect the flight of the ball…

Plus finally a little extra advice make sure you keep your clubface, groves are clean to again help to keep your ball on the flight and direction you desire…

Enjoy your next game

The Swing Doctor


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