Aug 14

Win Tournaments Like Mr. Waggle Did

The final major the USPGA Championships have drawn the 2013 majors to a close with a first time win for Mr Waggle Jason Dufner beating Jim Furyk to the title at Oak Hill Country Club.

If you managed to see the golf then you will know that Jason Dufner is renowned for his waggle when addressing the golf ball.

The reason for many golfers waggle is to get them into a relaxed position and to act as a trigger before their takeaway to help create a nice smooth tempo through-out their swings, this along with a balanced follow-through leads toward good consistent strikes and flight direction…

So the next time your on the range practising your game try to introduce a small waggle before your takeaway and see if that helps for a smoother swing…

See my Hints and Tips page for lesson advice

Let me know your outcome..


Happy Golfing


The Swing doctor

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