Jul 31

Why Should I Take Golf Lessons?

Here at my golf school, Golf Lessons Surrey, its a question quite often asked to me, do you think I can Improve my game by having golf lessons as I feel I’m not good enough to have them??

Well the answer is certainly YES!!

The most Important thing to remember when having golf lessons to help you to Improve is firstly an Instructor that makes you fully understand how your swing is working good and bad, 50% of Improvement Is understanding your faults, 50% Is fully understanding how and what Improvements are needed. The biggest thing my pupils have expressed back to me is ‘You make me fully understand Swing Doctor what I need keeping It simple to understand and do’

This will then give you a feel and a picture of how your game can improve.

Here at Golf lessons Surrey I can guarantee that I will Improve your entire game by 50% with enjoyment along the way, without to many complicated mechanics, keeping your practise time fun.

So please remember that I can certainly take your game to a new and exciting level helping you to reduce those scores plus handicap.

I look forward to helping your game real soon..


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor.

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