May 09

Use Your Sternum To Strike The Golf Ball Better

Are you looking for a more consistent ball striking?

If YES then read on plus visit┬ámy Hints and Tips page and watch a short video on “Better Ball Striking”

One of the most common mistakes I see golfers do is to lean back trying to hit the ball up into the air and attempting to hit the ball to hard thus causing poor ball striking….

Remember your club has the loft already there to make the ball go up, so don’t try to create the loft…

The most important thing to do in order to create better ball striking which in turn creates consistent distances is to keep the ball at address under your sternum and to keep your sternum over the ball throughout your backswing and downswing thus keeping your weight distribution consistent through the swing at all times this will create a more positive downward striking motion making you strike the ball first then turf…This will also help to improve your backspin on the ball giving you more control when the ball lands on the green..


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor..


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