Jan 16

Tips On How To Gain Short Game Success

I shall ask you all a Question: What percentage of your game is Putting, Chipping plus Bunkers? In a standard round of Golf…

Mmmmm! I hear you all say..

Well did you realise that at least 50% of your score Is made up of your Putts, Chips and Bunker Play!

Next Question: What percentage of your practise do you devote to your Short Game?

Oh Dear I hear you Say! If I’m being honest Swing Doctor I don’t really practise it at all!

If you want to Improve your scores and game by at least 50% then you need to make sure that you devote a percentage of your practise time to the Putting, Chipping and Bunker play, I’m not saying that you need to practise for hours on end, but by putting in a little amount of practise in these key areas will make a huge difference to your scores/handicap… Now we all as Golfers what that don’t we!!

So Instead of getting say 100 practise range balls and trying to smash 90% of these with our drivers as far as we can, my advice Is to next time get say 50 balls to practise your swing, then use the remaining time you would have used hitting the further 50 balls and get out and practise your PUTTING, CHIPPING AND BUNKERS...

As the Pro’s saying goes… ” YOU DRIVE FOR SHOW BUT PUTT FOR THE DOUGH”

The top Professionals In the world will devote at least 75% of their practise time to their short game..

So get those Wedges cleaned and that Putter warmed up and get out on that short game area to help improve those scores….

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The Swing Doctor


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