Apr 09

The US Masters 2013 – Only 2 Days To Go!!

Masters Golf Tip:-

Greens in Regulation….

Many of the top pro’s tactics for the Masters is to hit as many greens in regulation during their 4 rounds as possible!!

What is ‘regulation’ many of you may ask…

Par 3 To hit the green with 1 shot from the Tee

Par 4 To hit the green in 2 shots from the Tee

Par 5 To hit the green in 3 shots from the Tee

The Masters in previous history is always won with who ever has the hottest putter and sinks the fewest PUTTS!!

So its not all about who can drive the ball the furthest, Its about keeping that golf ball in play, hitting the greens in regulation and to hole the PUTT!!

As they say in the professional game we “DRIVE FOR SHOW BUT WE PUTT  FOR THE DOUGH!!”

Let battle commence on Thursday for the right to wear the famous GREEN JACKET

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Until tomorrow, bye for now

The Swing Doctor

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