Oct 07

The Putter – Your Key To Lower Scores

Question : What Percentage of your game is made up of PUTTING??

Answer : At LEAST 50%

Yes that’s right at least 50% of your scores are made up of how many PUTTS you have during your round…

So if we believe that PUTTING is half of your scores my next question to you is : What percentage of you practise time do you devote to your PUTTING?? This is a question that all my golfers’ hate me asking simply because if they were to give me the honest answer it would be “Well Swing Doctor to be honest I never practise my PUTTING”…

It’s Simple if we wish to lower our scores & handicaps then spend a little more time practise your PUTTING with my PUTTING Tips I gave out 10 days ago plus I shall give 2 more PUTTING tips this week..

So brush off the dust from your PUTTER and get out there and grove in a lovely smooth PUTTING Stroke..


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor

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