Nov 08

Shafts Are Your Engines

I bet many of you golfers out there didn’t realise that the shafts in your clubs
made such a huge difference to your ability for DISTANCE, DIRECTION and CONSISTANCY!!

Make sure the shafts your playing with are correct for you, It does’nt just stop at
the flex of the shaft Ie. Stiff or Regular? the following make a difference…



Flex of Shaft

Weight of Shaft to heavy? or to light?

To short or to long can effect the weight and flex of the club!

What Kick Point does your shaft have?

These are just some of what can effect your shafts and club performances based on the golfers need..

So have you ever thought about this when buying your clubs, If not then go and see your local PGA Professional
who will guide you through what is best for your game that will go a long way to you play more consistant golf..

So don’t delay book with me today for not only guiidence of the right shafts but also for me to take your game to a new
exciting level…

Look out for my next Blog as I visit The London Golf Show tomorrow for my findings…

The Swing Doctor…

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