Jul 03

Record Your Putting Score To See Where You Need To Improve

Do you take note of how many PUTTS you have during your round???

It could be the key to lowering your handicap & scores…

From now on I want you to note down on each hole how many PUTTS you have on each hole to monitor the amount of PUTTS taken in each round you play.

On average 50% of your game is down to your PUTTING! Did you know that??

So I ask a question “What percentage of your practise time do you devote to your PUTTING??” I guarantee you answer is “Not very much”!!

If you are finding your taking 36 PUTTS or more, you NEED TO PRACTISE!! Then I guarantee your handicap & scores will start to reduce.

To access some of my putting tips, take a look at this video here

You can also see more of my golf tips here

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