Jul 08

Putting…..Distance and Direction

Short Putts = DIRECTION is more important than Distance

Long Putts = DISTANCE is more important than Direction

When working on your putts especially from short range work more on making sure your PUTTER HEAD works back & forth along your Intended target line ensuring your DIRECTION is your key focus as you are aiming to get the ball within the four & half Inch hole.

Now the key to consistent Putting which leads to lower scores in to work hard on The Putting Green at Long range Putts with the focus at getting your PUTTS to finish within a Dustbin Lid distance from the hole, I’d rather see 10 Practise Putts finish within this range rather than 2 in the hole and the rest outside the Dustbin range distance …. So on your Longer PUTTS work more on creating consistent DISTANCE.

So to summarise DIRECTION on SHORT PUTTS & DISTANCE on the LONGER one’s is the key to consistent PUTTING leading to lowering your scores plus Handicap…


The Swing Doctor.

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