Jun 20

My Golf Day at Effingham Golf Club

As promised a report back from my Golf Day played at the wonderful Effingham Golf club in Surrey, Effingham has been used as an Open Qualifying course, the rough was up high and the greens running nice and true…. so there was no excuses for me to shoot a good score.

Well I managed to shoot a 67 ( 4 under par)… 5 birdie’s & 1 bogey, ┬áto which was good enough to win the scratch prize of lowest score shot.

The key to shooting a good score was down to a good steady short game, I’d been practising this area of my game extremely hard, the top golf professional normally devotes 75% of their practise time to PUTTING, CHIPPING & BUNKER PLAY….

So how much do you practise these area’s because most amateurs NEVER do, its only when they are on the golf course do they come across these shots and wonder why they shoot high scores because their short game is too rusty…

So the key to shooting lower scores is SIMPLE!! PRACTISE YOUR SHORT GAME MORE REGULARLY.

So hope to see your putter, wedges and sand iron in your hands more often.

Follow my blog on Friday on how to use your 3-wood around the greens to win like Justin Rose.

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Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor


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