Jul 24

My Game can Improve YOUR Game!

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been able to play in a mixture of some tournament golf and some invitational games too here┬áin Surrey.


I was delighted to play golf at Queenwood In Surrey where Gary Player, Steve Waugh, & Wayne Rooney played too this past weekend, I ended up shooting 3 Under Par.


Effingham Golf Club in Surrey was where I was Invited by the largest property dealers to play in there annual match, I shot 4 under par as we claimed the trophy, in the picture underneath you will see I’ve taught 6 of the players in the winning team.

Golf Lessons Surrey


I was also delighted to play in a Tournament at Fulwell Golf Club recently which is a delightful course in Surrey where I had a bad start with a bogey on the 1st but 6 birdie’s later I shot a 66, 5 under par to claim first prize.


Queenwood, Effingham & Fulwell are just some of the most delightful golf courses within Surrey, so If you ever get the chance I would recommend playing them. (Queenwood by Invitational only).


So I managed to shoot some great scores never once being over par.


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor.


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