Apr 10

Masters 2013 – Only One Day To Go – How To Play Par 3′s More Consistently

Its the Par 3 Tournament at Augusta today, the fun tournament played around the beautiful par 3 course, where the top pro’s have the opportunity to have some fun and relax before the main event starts tomorrow, usually they will take their kids with them to play and caddie, or if your Rory McIlroy then you will have your tennis girlfriend as your caddie, he better play well or he’ll be getting a volley and backhander from her….

How to play the par 3′s more consistently…

If you watch The Masters this week your won’t see to many of the pro’s attacking the flag, they will be aiming for the centre of each green allowing the contours of the green to help work the ball towards the flag….

Firstly when you step onto the Tee of your next par 3 I want you to think firstly how far have I got to go to the centre of the green? Make sure you work out the correct yardage, I see to many golfers’ just look at the yardage from their scorecard , well this might be the wrong yardage because the tee blocks maybe nearer or further away from where the scorecard yardage was taken, once you’ve got the correct distance finally take into consideration the wind direction to help you decided the correct distance and golf club.

When you aim your shot all I want you to do is aim to hit the centre of the green on all occasions, the reason being is you’ll never be to far away from the pin/flag for your birdie putt….


1. Get the correct yardage

2. Aim for the centre of the green on all occasions.

3. More birdie opportunities

Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor

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