Feb 27

Make Sure You Hold The Golf Club, Not Grip It!

Even though in the world of golf the way we hold the club is commonly known as THE GRIP, but when we associate the word GRIP we think of holding onto something very tightly, this must not be the case when holding the golf club.

If we find ourselves griping the golf club to tightly this will not allow our HANDS, WRISTS plus ARMS to swing the club in a free flowing manor thus NOT allowing the natural weight within the clubhead to find the bottom of the ball to create natural height to our shots, BUT more importantly a consistency of good distance..

So golfers’ if you want consistency of HEIGHT & DISTANCE on each club you must HOLD the club DON’T GRIP IT!!

Grip pressure should be like holding a tube of toothpaste with the top off, you HOLD not SQUEEZE.

To find out how to hit the ball straight down the middle of the fairways read here 

Happy Golfing

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