Jan 11

Learn How To Shape Your Golf Shots

When you are next down the Practise Ground or Driving Range try to learn to shape your shots….Why you may ask?

Well the main reason being Is for It will widen your target area’s..
If you find that 90% of your shots move right to left, then Instead of aiming straight down the middle of the fairway with your driver and maybe trying to fight against your natural right to left shot, which naturally in turn will narrow down the amount of fairway you have to play with.

Have the confidence to aim further out to the right edge of the fairway and play your natural swing
which in turn will move the ball from right to left in flight giving you more chance to find the middle of the fairway more often, with a natural
swing rather than a fight to hit it straight.

Lets be honest here who in the world hits the ball straight all the time!! Not even the best players in the world do, so what they do is play with their natural shape of shot whether that be a slice or a draw and allow that to happen by aiming either further to the left or right dependant on their natural ball flight..

So make It easy for yourself, get down the practice ground/driving range and work with your natural shape don’t try learning to hit it straight all the time as it WON’T happen..

Look out for my short video clips coming soon to help explain more on how you can bring up top 50% improvement to you game!!

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