Jul 01

Learn From Where Your Divots Point

You can learn a lot about your swing and game from your divots.

Next time you are either on the practise ground or course, after you’ve taken a shot stand back and look at the direction your divot is facing and this will help you realise the path your club is taking through impact creating the spin your putting onto your ball.

Most amateurs I teach have a divot facing to far left of their target line resulting in a slice spin and losing the ball to far to the right, as a consequence they try to swing further to the left to stop the ball going so far right but unfortunately this creates even more spin and losing the ball even further right.

So to help improve this, imagine swinging to the right of target getting your divots to face right of target line, this will help you to square the clubface up at impact resulting in straighter shots plus extra distance.

So don’t ignore your divots, learn from them to help Improve your golf.



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