Jun 21

How To Use Your 3-Wood To Chip

If you managed to stay up late last Sunday evening to see Justin Rose lift the US OPEN trophy you would have also seen him using his 3-wood to chip from just off the back of the 18th green..

Yes that’s right your eyes were not deceiving you!! He used his 3-WOOD! How? I hear you ask…

Well the reason why he did was simply because he had firstly I nice amount of green to work with plus just a little amount of fluffy rough to go over and because of the nervous situation he was in he felt by using the wide sole on his 3 -Wood there was less chance of him fluffing the shot and leaving it well short of the hole.

By using the wide sole to brush beautifully through the rough and the loft of the 3-wood to run the ball to the edge of the hole to tap it in for a par 4 to clinch his first major.

Simply hold your 3-Wood at the bottom of the grip in the same way as you hold your PUTTER, then create a narrow stance and work the club in a pendulum motion as you would with your PUTTER therefore taking out any body motion to create maximum control and feel for distance.

So to take you to your next major club tournament win, chip like Justin Rose with your 3-wood to lower your scores.

Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor…

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