May 16

How To Shoot In The 80′s

For those golfers who shoot in the 90′s and 100′s, follow my advice below and watch my short video clips here.

I shall ask you a question:- What percentage of your practise time do you devote to your SHORT game??

Answer: I expect if your being honest its in single figures…

That is the main reason as to why your shooting in the 90′s & 100′s..

The Tour Pro’s devote 75% of their practise time to Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Bunkers

So its simple get out and practise your SHORT GAME and with my tips and advice your scores with improve greatly…

Finally do one thing for me next time your out on course, count how many PUTTS you have and you should be no more than 36 PUTTS at worse… I appreciate the Tour Pro’s practise more but their average PUTTS in a round of 18 holes is under 30!!


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor

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