Nov 30

How To Play When The Ball Is Above and Below Your Feet

You will notice that when playing your fairway shots the ball mainly seems to be either above or below your feet…

The most important things to remember are the following

Above your feet:-

1. Straighten up your posture ( spine angle)

2. Due to your new spine angle you will swing the club more around your body or flat as we would say…

3. Aim a little more to the right, mainly because if you swing the club flat this will have a tendency for the ball to move right to left in flight..

4. Due to point 3 take one less club i.e instead of a 7 iron take 8 iron.


Below your feet:-


1. Keep your normal spine angle of address but to sink into your kness more, do not put more weight onto your toes, this would cause a lack of balance.

2. As the ball is below your feet you will naturally swing the club more upright.

3. As you are swinging club more upright this will give you a tendency to swing the club across the ball at impact, so aim a little more to the left at address..

4. Due to point 3 you will lose a little bit in distance so therefore take one extra club I.e instead of a 7 iron take a 6 iron instead…

Good luck Golfers’


Your Swing Doctor…

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