Dec 11

How To Get Distance Control With Your Irons

Question to all Golfers.… Do you know how far you hit each Iron?

If your honest with yourselves you probably don’t and certainly feel you hit them further than you think.

So use these off season months to get on top of your distance control to make sure you hit the greens more often,
its a well known fact that 95% of all irons that are hit come up short of the green and never long, this is mainly
caused by the fact we don’t know for sure how far we hit each individual iron..

Get yourself to your local golf Professional and book in a session using the latest computerised systems like ‘TRACKMAN’ this device will allow you to hit lets say 10 shots with each iron giving you a reading on how far each shot has gone which will help you to know distance control, plus also whether your hitting certain irons very similar distances this could be because your lofts are out, or the shaft flexes are wrong for your swing speed etc…

So ‘Dont delay book with me today to get your distance control back on track to get those handicaps tumbling down’
The Swing Doctor

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