Jun 05

How To Create The Perfect Putting Posture

Keeping a well balanced POSTURE during your putting stroke is vital to create a good consistent stroke that will lead to more putts holed, now I’m sure you all wish for that..

When taking your Putting POSTURE please get yourself into a comfortable position, the man reason for this is putting is all about FEEL, so its important to be comfortable over the ball. Don’t stand too tall that your arms become to wooden, nor be to crouched over it either otherwise this will lead to the wrists playing to much of a part resulting in flicking which can create poor distance control.

Create a POSTURE where your arms hang in a relaxed fashion, eyes directly over the ball and your stance about shoulder width apart. Now when you go to PUTT make sure your head stays nice and still through-out your stroke in order to keep the PUTTER FACE square to the line at all times. I see it so often with golfers that during the stroke especially when going through the impact area where your head will look to the hole and rise in anxiousness to see whether you’ve holed the PUTT this will result in more missed Putts.

So get into a relaxed POSTURE, keep your HEAD still through-out your stroke to create more consistency and more HOLED putts.

Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor

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