Apr 23

Having Tree Trouble? Just Get It Back In The Fairway

Normally we find ourselves in the trees walking our dogs but hopefully not when playing the game of golf…..

But if you find yourselves visiting the trees to look for your golf ball, then the only thing to be thinking of is getting the ball back to the fairway without trying to play a heroic shot through that small cgap you can see high up in the trees, that shot has only 1/10 in success! Where as if you play the percentage shot of going the easiest way back to the fairway then this will result in 9/10 success, ¬†giving you then the opportunity more often of hitting the green with the next shot giving yourself still the opportunity of Par or worse a bogey keeping you in the game without any 8′s, 9′s or even 10′s appearing on your scorecard where you tried going for that heroic shot through the trees….


Look out for my WEDNESDAY WEDGE TIP…


Happy golfing


Your Swing Doctor


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