Jun 26

Grip Pressure – The Key To Distance and Control

The pressure in which you GRIP your club is vital to the club performance in gaining not only control of your flight but also the distance you can achieve too.

Most golfers will GRIP the club far to tightly which will then not allow the natural weight of the clubhead to swing freely, causing you to use your body to heave the club through impact rather than to flow through in a flex fashion.

The clubhead has a nice amount of weight in it to create clubhead acceleration, ¬†which in turn helps to create good distance on your shots, but if your’re gripping it to death then you are drawing the weight out of the clubhead and causing far to much tension in your hands and forearm muscles, this will also not allow your wrists to work freely causing a lack of release which again helps for direction and distance!!

So simply HOLD your club DON’T GRIP it!! Imagine your holding a tube of toothpaste with the top off and not squeezing it!!

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Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor


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