Nov 26


Welcome to another swing doctor’s blog..

Today I’m writing about getting your game and equipment into shape over the coming winter months ready for the 2013 golf season…

Equipment Check…

This is now the perfect time to look over your equipment to see if any running repairs need to be carried out, below are a few pointers..

Grips- get these changed as I see too many golfers with hard and shiny grips causing them to grip harder to hold onto the club..

Golf Clubs- please don’t throw your clubs into the garage or garden shed these coming months this will cause your shafts both externally and internally to RUST in the damp conditions this will cause them to become weak and even break!!

Golf Shoes- look to get your spikes replaced or even apply some dumbing, this will help to keep them waterproof plus keep the upper leather of the shoe in good order and not cause them to split…

And Finally the most important bit of advise is to over these next 2/3 months to get your game/swing in great shape is to have one of my MOT package lessons, here we can really work hard on ironing out any loose area’s of your game ready to knock those extra few shots of your handicap

I look forward to working with you to helping move your game to an exciting new level…

Plus keep an eye outĀ for some helpful video clips coming to you soon!

The Swing Doctor..

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