Oct 23

Golf Lessons – The Ladder Drill

As promised my fellow golfers’ another Putting Drill to help you shoot those lower scores.

Well I hope you’ve been practising The Clockwork drill??

The ladder drill helps not only the importance of keeping the putter head moving back & forth along the chosen target line but also distance control.

You need 6 balls and I want you to place the first ball 1 foot away from the hole then place the rest at 1 foot distances in a line moving away from the hole to create a ladder effect, so you should have 6 balls in a line.

The drill is similar to The Clock drill, you have to start obviously with the closest ball and keep holing each ball, miss 1 and go back & start again until every ball is holed without missing.

Good luck & I promise if you do each drill once a week your scores will start to Improve.

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Happy Golfing

The Swing Doctor

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