Jan 09

Golf Lessons Surrey – Target In On Your Practise Time

When you stand either on the Driving Range or Practise Ground how much do you focus on your results??

I see to many golfers turn up with a few clubs tucked under their arm, hit say a handful of shots with some Irons
before getting the driver out and pounding that away without to much thought with 80% of the balls remaining.

So make sure the next time you go and practise go with a purpose so that you can take those learning’s onto the course and I promise you it will go a long way to helping reduce those scores..

When I go to practise, the first thing i will do is to hit maybe a dozen 9-Irons to just loosen and warm up and I won’t worry as to where they go, remember these and just loosening up shots..

Once I’ve loosened up I will start with a few wedge shots of say 100 yards then with a handful of balls each time start working my way up through my clubs until I reach the driver, but the main thing I’m doing is learning with each shot that I hit, so I can take these thoughts with me the next time I play.

Make sure you also put a couple of either canes or clubs down on the floor to help your lining up, VERY IMPORTANT!!

What I also do Is with each golf club aim for a specific target, this maybe the targets themselves that are on the range, or I will use maybe the trees within the background to also be a target point too..

So remember go with a purpose the next time you practise and watch those scores come tumbling down with the learning’s you found..

Good Luck

The Swing Doctor

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