Mar 06

Get The Foundations To A Consistent Golf Game

Make sure your swing is built on a solid FOUNDATION….

So what makes a good foundation:-

There are 5 important SET-UP positions to get correct to build a solid FOUNDATION..

1. AIM – Aim your clubface to target

2. HOLD (GRIP) – Hold the club, don’t grip it

3. STANCE – Shoulder width apart to create balance and freedom of rotation

4.BALL POSITION – Dependent on club used

5. POSTURE – Chin up, Stick bottom back and out, slight flex in knees

To help achieve a good and consistent Set-up, practise using a mirror to reconfirm to yourself you achieving the right FOUNDATION from which you swing can work from, I see over 90% of errors in golfers games stem from a poor FOUNDATION..

So get yourself in front of that mirror to really help take your game to a new exciting level…and get a more Consistent Golf Game.

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