Jan 04

Free Assessment Lesson In January or February

Firstly I would like to wish all my fellow golfers a Happy New Year…

But I can guarantee you all that working with myself The Swing Doctor, I can improve your game by up to 50%!! Now that’s a guarantee you can’t afford to miss..

So to help you along your way to striding down the Fairways in 2013 with a big smile watch out for my short instructional video clips coming your way on The swing doc TV, plus my instructional blogs, but most importantly of all come and have an assessment lesson with myself FREE of charge in either January or February to get you started on the right fairway…

So a little quick tip in these winter months to get your game in check ready for the forthcoming season..


As I’ve expressed in a previous blog, to gain a consistent swing that will enable to get the ball to go where you wish it too must come from the correct SET-UP..

The SET-UP is your foundation, just like when building a house get a solid foundation and cracks won’t appear in your walls, very much the same with golf, get a solid SET-UP and cracks won’t appear in your swing…

So here are the key fundamentals to a solid SET-UP:-

1. AIM- make sure leading edge of golf club is at right angles to your target line, plus a little tip stand behind your ball looking at your target to a pick a spot only a yard in front of your ball that’s in line with your target this will help for you to be standing square to the target line….

2. GRIP/HOLD- I like to refer this as the hold, mainly because if you grip something it means your holding it to tight, this will NOT allow the clubbed weight to be swung in a free flowing manner we wish for..so hold the club not grip it!

3. STANCE- make sure your stance is only shoulder width apart this will give the stability of balance plus the freedom to rotate your body too..

4. POSTURE- posture plus the hold are the 2 big factors in gaining a good powerful SET-UP, the main thing with posture is to create room to allow your shoulders, hips to rotate to help create the consistent and correct swing path plus gaining good distance with each individual club you use, so when you stand to the ball make sure your chin is up allowing shoulder rotation, but also maintaining your height and eyes on the ball, feel that you send your hips back and away from the ball, this will give your hands and arms to swing freely away from the body plus also help the stability for balance, finally for a good powerful SET-UP create a SLIGHT flex in your knees..

Good luck, work on these in the warmth of your home so your SET-UP is already to go when you get back out in those fairways, a good tip is practise your SET-UP in front of a full length mirror so you can check…

I look forward to working with you in 2013 to help make that 50% improvement.

The Swing Doctor

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