Dec 04

Do You Know What’s In Your Golf Bag?

Justin Rose recently in the final tournament of The European Tour in Dubai shot an amazing 10 under 62 pushing the world number 1 Rory Mcllroy to have to finish with 5 straight birdies to claim the title and Number 1 player on tour….

But the question I ask to you golfers, “Do you know what is in your bag?” The reason I ask is because Justin & Rory know exactly what equipment they are playing with and how it works best for them…

They make sure from the DRIVER right through to their PUTTERS the entire 14 clubs within their bags how best each individual club works best for them!

I see to many amateurs just picking up any club off the shop racks without taking note of whether that club will work for them, there are many things you need to note when buying a golf club

1. What grip thickness do I need?

2. What shaft is right for me Steel or Graphite?

3. What is the correct shaft flex for me? Regular or Stiff?

4. What is the correct clubhead I need? Blade or cavity? 

5. Do I need a low centre of gravity club? To help to get height on the ball

So you can see by the list above a lot goes into getting the correct club for you! Now this may seem a bit daunting, but don’t worry just book a lesson with myself ‘The Swing Doctor’ and not only will I help you improve your swing but I”ll also make sure during these Winter months we get the right equipment that’s suited to your swing to help knock those extra few shots off your handicap you’ve always been dreaming of…

To see how to gain the secrets of distance control with your irons read here


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