Oct 22


As the evenings are drawing in and the weather is starting to get cooler make sure your game is prepared for ‘WINTER GOLF’¬†


A good set of waterproof’s is essential to keeping dry and warm, I recommend ‘GORTEX’ material it’s a very lightweight fabric with excellent breathability to help you stay dry and warm helping you keep your swing smooth…


Have a look at your grips, if they are hard and shiny from all that summer golf get them replaced otherwise you”ll be hanging onto them to tightly causing tense muscles not allowing the club to be swung smoothly and rhythmically.

Mitts and Hand warmers

These are a must, I never play Winter Golf without them, there’s nothing worse than when your hands get cold, this will cause a lack of feel when swinging the club resulting in poor shots.

Bobble hats

Did you know 30% of your body heat is lost through the top of your head, so a nice bobble hat will help to keep you warm…

Golf Balls

Make sure your using the correct ball in the Winter months, try not to use a Hard 2-piece golf ball ( normally value pack balls) they will get to hard causing a lack of control and distance I would recommend a mid-end ball not to soft but not too hard these balls will help to keep the control whilst maintaining distance, ask your local Golf Pro for recommendations on the correct ball to use for your own ability.

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