Jun 11

Are You Using The Correct Shafts To Suit Your Swing Speed?

Question- Are you playing with the correct shafts?

Answer- 50% of Golfers use the incorrect shafts

The shaft is your engine that not only helps to create distance in your shots but also did you know helps to shape your shots and the height you get too.

So in order to create more consistency in your game, check your shaft flexes!! If you swing the club fast then you’ll need a STIFF FLEX with generally a HIGH KICK point too, the kick point controls the height you hit the ball, most golfers use a low kick point which will generally hit the ball to high.

So you can see the importance of using the correct SHAFTS.

Come and have a FREE assessment with myself and I will check not only where I can help you play better golf and check your using the correct SHAFTS.

Contact me HERE for you free assessment.


Happy Golfing


The Swing Doctor

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