Mar 01

Are The Golf Clubs You’re Using Right For You?

Question…Do you play with the right golf clubs for you??

Answer… Over 50% of golfers use clubs not suited to them!!

I see it very often when I’m teaching my pupils, that they are using golf clubs that are not suited to them, there are many things to bear in mind when choosing clubs as follows:-

1. Grip thickness – if you wear a glove size medium or above then you will need thicker grips..

2. Length of clubs – Make sure your using clubs that have the right length suited to your height and arm length, this will help to create the correct posture, I see to many golfers’ using clubs to short for them causing them to crouch when creating a posture..

3. Shaft Flex – Stiff shafts for fast hand speed, regular for slow hand speed, you may consider graphite if a slow hand speed  this will help to create better club head speed for added distance, if unsure then speak with The Swing Doctor..

4. Correct Lie of the club – once again I see to many golfers’ using clubs either too flat or too upright this will cause poor direction of shots, so again seek help from The Swing Doctor to make sure your clubs Lie correct for you to help consistency in your shots…

5. Lofts – The area I see many golfers’ get wrong is using drivers either with to little loft or to higher loft based upon their personal swings, this can result in hitting the shot to low or to high resulting in inconsistency of distance..

These are just 5 keys points you need to bear in mind when selecting the right clubs for you, based on your hand size, swing speed, your height, so book in for an assessment lesson with The Swing Doctor to put you on the right path to better golf..

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Happy Golfing

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