Mar 05

Apply Top Spin To Hole More Putts

The key to holing more putts is to create a better spin on your golf ball for a true roll leading to more holed putts….

To help create a better TOP SPIN ROLL the next time you practise your putting, place the ball a little nearer to your left foot, this will help you to strike your ball a little more on the upswing helping to create that all and important TOP SPIN!

TOP SPIN will help for better distance control on your putts, create a TRUE roll and also help your ball stay on the line you’ve selected.

To help you practise this, place a line all the way around your ball, line up that line to the hole and strike the ball slightly on the upswing and watch how that line stays upright and your ball stays on line better and watch it disappear into that hole….

Have fun practising and Hole More Putts!



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