Jan 21

Align Yourself Straight Down The Middle

Good morning Golfers’ hope you’ve been working hard down the driving range this weekend? Getting your games ready for the forthcoming season…


I want to just touch on the subject of Alignment as I feel this is an area I see many golfers get wrong..

What I see many players do is get their shoulders, especially their left shoulder aiming straight at the flag or middle of fairway but unfortunately this is wrong as this mistake will get many of your shots ending to far right of where you intended to hit the ball..

The reason being is because you stand adjacent to the ball this will mean that if you have your SHOULDERS, HIPS & FEET are parallel to each other and you have them pointing either down the middle of the fairway or at the flag then this will mean your aiming to far right!!

I want you to imagine that you are standing on a railway track your ball is on one side of the track and you standing on the other side, this will mean you are standing parallel to the ball and your target line, you will then notice that if your track that the ball stands on runs directly to your target then your SHOULDERS, HIPS & FEET never run to the target itself but run parallel left of it..

So to help this next time you are practising put a club down running through the impact area to the target, then place a club down running parallel to this to help align your feet, if you stand back from this you will notice that one club runs at the target whilst the other runs slightly left of target…

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Good luck

The Swing Doctor

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