Beginner Golf Lessons In Surrey Package

My beginners package for beginner golf lessons in Surrey is an ideal way to introduce yourself to this wonderful game, covering all aspects of golf, from creating
a solid SET-UP (Foundation to a consistent swing) simple fundamentals of the Golf SWING, through to learning the SHORT-GAME
of PUTTING, CHIPPING & BUNKERS before finishing off with a few holes on the golf course to give you the knowledge to join your
friends and colleagues for 18 holes.

The beginners golf lesson package is designed for the Individual to learn golf in a relaxed environment at dates & times suitable to them to fit
around their work & family life.

Package Itinerary

Lesson 1…. Introduction & Set-Up (Stance, Posture & Grip) – 1/2 hour
Lesson 2…. Swing Fundamentals - 45 mins
Lesson 3…. Putting - 1/2 hour
Lesson 4…. Full-Swing techniques – 45 mins
Lesson 5…. Chipping & Bunkers – 1/2 hour
Lesson 6…. Playing lesson on Course - 1 hour

Cost…. Only £99 (£140 saving)
email me here or call 07795414040

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